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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

St. Mary's Nursery School!

My son attends St. Mary's Nursery School. Since they have been so good to him and all the other wonderful kids in our community I was trying to figure out a way to give here is the deal for the month of May....

Taylored Tots
We are teaming up to help raise money for SMNS!

First time consignors: your $7.00 acct set-up fee will go directly to SMNS AND Taylored Tots will donate an additional $3.00 for every new consignor. That’s a $10.00 donation for every new consignor!

Spread the word and tell your friends to see how much we can earn to help our children

Contact Dana Killinger-Taylor
Hours W-F 10am-4pm Sat 10am-noon
Join SMNS and Taylored Tots on Facebook!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

This is the life!

That is the man that I married....I never thought I would have a marriage like this one, or a husband as grand as this! He has supported me thru our whole marriage in everything. 3 months in to our marriage I had another ''bout'' with breast cancer. 3 MONTHS...and I started to puke, lose my hair...he never said ONE word. Thru the treatment he pressed forward and carried me right along with him. I had a wonderful job offer, my dream job (or what I thought was my dream job). It meant leaving our home in Utah, selling his ranch and moving to NM...he said, "If this is what you want, then let's do it." So, we did. I was not the stay at home mother least that's what I thought!

Quickly....and I mean quickly...into our marriage we found out we were expecting Tripp...I was in my last bit of chemo, and 8 months into our marriage. He was not supposed to be...according to the docs. Well as you can see he is just perfect. I was on a business trip when I found out we were expecting McNeill...Tripp had JUST turned one....she too proves medicine wrong. 2 beautiful children...we were blessed with. Two miracles....I needed to take a moment, and re-evaluate, ponder on where I needed to be...of course I turned to my biggest husband. It took a while, and my boss was extremely understanding..."you need to get things in order FOR YOUR FAMILY." So, my husband who had been the stay at home dad...seriously ladies, I had not seen a load of laundry or folded a towel in almost a year...anything other than cooking (and that's only because I LOVE to cook)...he did it all. It may sound grand...but missing Tripp's first words, McNeill's first steps...some things just can't be relived.

We moved back to my home in NC...some people wondered, "How did you get him to move to NC." Let me tell you, if a man has lived his whole lifein a place where he can play golf maybe 5 months out of the year, then offer him a plac e of year-round golf...he will have your housepacked, the kids, and the u-haul in NC faster than you can imagine!

Moving to NC proved to mean a lifestyle change for us. Ty went back to work, I stayed at home...yeah...a HUGE lifestyle change. I love being with my kids, but also felt like I had lost a lot of we decided to open Taylored Tots. I wanted to give mothers the opportunity to dress their kids the way they wanted to without having to spend $70 on every outfit. We have all done it, and see that they wear it once....thus the vision of Taylored Tots...gently/like new upscale children's clothing and custom clothing/gifts at affordable prices. Most items are boutique brands or clothing you would have to buy at a trunk showing. No longer. Gorgeous smocked frocks for your little ones at a fraction of the cost....and all of you who have that stuff stored away in the attic now have the opportunity to cash in on it....leading to what??? MORE shopping.

So...this post is about your life in gratitude. I was once told that I would be "privileged to bring children into this world"...remember it is an honor as well. SO... go hug your little ones a bit tighter, and remind yourself how blessed they are to have you in their lives!