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Friday, August 6, 2010

Where Does the Time Go???

Well, lets went to the beach, Utah to a wedding, The River, and to work at Taylored Tots! This summer has been a blast. I have loved every minute of it. I will post more on the boutique in the coming weeks, but as for now my focus is on spending what little time is left of this summer w/ my two little ones and in the we have been super busy in the store. If you are interested in ordering anything stop by our Facebook Page ( and let me know....cute Holiday Apparel and adorable bows have been the focus lately.

I will say this summer has been one of the greatest as I have spent tons of time with my little ones...

Many afternoons we are having fun in the pool...

Because I open the store Wed-Friday we have been able to take long weekends at the beach house....,my little ones are quite the beach bums...

And they often go to work w/ they are on a day at the boutique

We travelled to Utah for my sister's (in law..I.don't like to think of her as an in-law...) wedding...she was a beautiful bride

Tripp and I stayed a little longer....he was able to get some quality time in with MIMI and Pepa

As soon as we returned from Utah we headed straight to The River House to celebrate the 4th...Great times. This house has been in our family for 40 plus YEARS....I love that my children will share the same memories as myself when I was a child of this special place.

Waiting for the parade to start

Our street is it's own little community....and we do a parade where everyone decorates their golf carts!

We have also spent a little time w/ the finishing touches are made to what I like to call his "Little House in the Big Woods"
He calls it "The Farm"....happiest place on the earth for him...being married to a one-time rancher...I must say when you can farm for is fun, BUT it is pretty tough when you are trying to make a living at it!

I know it will all come to an end shortly as I just registerd this little one for her first ballet class....preschool was registered for and will be here before I know go out and enjoy what is left of this wonderful summer! I know we will here on the east coast!

Best wishes to you all!