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Monday, December 28, 2009

Never say Never....

I caved....I am really doing a blog...after years of protest I am actually doing it. This is more for my new store than anything. I am so blessed to have this awesome husband that just supports me in anything....even a children's clothing boutique. So, as I think about this New Year, I sit in clothes circled around me. They are cute clothes I must admit. I think about how fun this year is going to be..."Taylored Tots" will be opening its doors in January of 2010...MORE TO COME. I will post pics of some of our specialty items in the coming days, as well as a taste of what we will have in the store.

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  1. Beat of luck with this new venture Dana...hoping it will do well! Blogging is the way to will meet so many wonderful women and become good friends. Just go through my blog list and click on each blog that interests you, leave a friendly comment and tell them to come say hi! Keep commenting to them and before you know it, they are your friends and you can do this with a bunch. Give a ways are a good way to get people to come check out your blog and follow! Good luck girl :D