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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sneak Peek...

My sister Paige came in to town today just to help out in the store...I am so thankful she did. We got quite a bit done...and I am getting so very excited. I am sharing a few photos below to show you some of the items I will have available...all frames can be personalized. Please remember each item is made for you, so the possibilities can be endless. As we get closer to opening I will have more photos...for my out of town friends, contact me if you want to place an order.

GIVE-A-WAY items will be posted Saturday this week!!! Stay Tuned!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year


  1. Hi Dana...cute things here...Hey, I just put a new post on and I've told everyone about your give a way on Saturday...I hope many will head on over to enter. Good luck with it, I can't wait to see all the clothing etc. you'll be having in your new please! :D

  2. I'm so behind on what's going on in your life but I just discovered this new venture. It's perfect for you and I wish you well with it.

  3. Thanks Julie and Sarah. You know how much I love to shop Sarah...I will have to say it is exciting, but very scary as well...

  4. I saw your shop on Julie's blog!
    Just want to wish you good luck! I sell knit baby hats on Etsy and I love it! It's so true if you do what you love you'll never work a day in your life- and baby/children's clothing is just the best.
    Good luck for a FABULOUS 2010!

  5. Dana,
    i had so much fun on Wednesday! the photos of the hairbows and photo frames look great!
    i am so proud of you! you can do this! come see me tomorrow and we'll shop and brainstorm!
    love you!

  6. You go girl! I'm so excited to check out your stuff- I know your taste is impeccable! What a great adventure. I wish you great success!

  7. Thanks Kate...I will have some little boy stuff posted soon....and you can always just tell me what you are looking for and I can see what I can create....hope you are doing well. Tell Morgan hello for us.